Review: Lanzerac Hotel & Spa
Lanzerac -

As the Phoenix rises out of the ashes and emerges new from something that has been destroyed; this is Lanzerac.

This wine estate has a very special place in my heart; it is where my passion for wine, food styling and photography started.  My very first review and post on my blog was on my visit to Lanzerac.  Last year however, Lanzerac experienced a devastating fire. My heart was shattered; it was as though a part of Stellenbosch history went up in flames. So, when I received an invitation to come and visit the refurbished hotel, I could not refuse. I was excited to see what they had done with this Iconic hotel.

The hotel underwent a massive rebuild.  I was absolutely astonished at what they did with the place. Project coordinator and Designer, Con Van Der Colff did a fantastic job.  This is a prime example of something good coming out of something bad and with the 5-star facilities comes 5-star service.

Lanzerac -


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